Saturday, July 5, 2008

If I knew then what I know now.....

Though patients with long term ailments may lose their physical strength, their spirits and wills are still very much alive and do not need to be protected, they need love and laughter and understanding. And those of us who are ill must never forget to return this love as best we can. I hope this poem can help others understand that along with the weaknesses, we all have strengths. No matter our trials, we all may know we are loved but need to hear it frequently none the less.
Silence can be an unintentional yet cruel side effect manifesting itself not in the patient but in the ones they hold dearest to their hearts.

Love Beyond words

She slowly slips away from me
Her strength is almost gone
Yet there is no relief in sight
Her M.S. marches on.

This disease though not a killer
Indirectly does the work
It causes death from other things
As through the body it does work

Her strength of hands and feet went first
She could not keep her grip
Then as she walked through out the day
She'd often stumble and slip.

Her eyesight was effected next
A symptom that comes and goes
And that is just the very start
Of all her aches and woes.

But an unexpected and cruel effect
Is one you can not see
It is the subtle and evil pain
That has attacked not her but me.

At first I stopped our dancing
When the music wasn't there
Then slowly I talked less and less
My feelings I'd not share

Our smiles were then less often seen
Kind words too came farther apart
I seemed so wrapped up in her pain
I did not share with her my heart

I did not share my verbal love
Our caring touch was all but lost
Yes her disease had taken her health
But so much more I lost

My love for her has never changed
For her I'd give my life
She is my strength, my very best friend
She's my eternal wife

There is nothing I can do
To make her body heal
But our love I will revitalize
By speaking out just how I feel

And though her health will still decline
Our love will not do so
The eternal love that we still have
We will openly cause to grow

If a loved one has an ailment
That may cause an uncertain end
Laugh and joke and speak to them
For most of all they need a friend

Don't let the symptoms of their trials
Spill over on to you
Share your love each and every day
That love will get you through

Yes though the ailment may linger on
Always let your love be heard
Don't create the awful side effect
Of a love that is beyond word.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Recent book signing 6/27/08 Holliston MA

Tatevosian Book Signing
by Bill Tobin 6/24/08

Chris is the author of “ LIFE INTERUPTED, it's not all about me” a gripping heartwarming first-person account of his battle with multiple sclerosis (MS).
Cut-and-paste the link below to view actual article with photos:

He shares his early diagnosis, when he was a freshman in college, to the current stages of this progressive illness and his life in between.
Chris has suffered a lot, persevered and lost a lot, and it is all in the book. He married the love of his life, and by his own admission, his poor me attitude destroyed the marriage.
He authored this book to offer advice to others that are suffering with disabilities or hardships, whether as a patient or a care giver, and how to cope with emotions in these difficult circumstances.
MS is a debilitating chronic progressive illness for which the medical word is trying to find a cure. Chris has endured years of drugs and therapy, and now has found relief and improvements in his life with a treatment called Bee Venom Therapy. This is a form of alternative medicine that involves being stung by honey bees. Chris began this therapy in July of 2003 with seven bee stings, which resulted in his right foot, that was cold and blue, returning to its normal pinkish skin tone. That was the beginning.
As of January, 2007 Chris has had 12,310 live bee stings. This therapy is ongoing, and according to Chris, it has helped him tremendously.
Although this book is intended to help others in similar situations, his heartwarming and tender advice is appropriate to all in loving relationships.

Now the high school reunion story: Seven classmates of the 1979 graduating class came to the book signing to wish Chris well, and to share some of their own life experiences. Anne and I enjoyed this mini class reunion, as our son David was a member of this class, but unfortunately geographically he was unable to attend.

This unforgettable book is on sale at Books and Things, Coffee Haven and is available at the Holliston Public Library.

Editors note: The following has been submitted by Chris:

A book review has been posted at MS Visit the link below by cutting and pasting the link into your browser:
I could use your help spreading the news about this link to my book because is donating 5 to 15 percent of each purchase to the cause. “Life Interrupted, It’s Not All about Me” by multiple sclerosis sufferer Chris Tatevosian.

and when you click on the book cover or the Amazon link at the end, it links to Amazon to order your book and will donate 5 to 15 percent to

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