Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thanks for your support, thoughts and prayers

Thank you from Chris for all your support and prayers.
I'm so happy that you became a member of my web site. That means more than you'll ever know to me. I worked so hard writing this book so that others could avoid making the same relationship destroying mistakes that I did as a result of my life/marriage being interrupted by MS. Sometimes I can't believe that I literally made my life and open book, because I am not proud of the way I was acting when I was at my lowest emotionally.

I think it's very easy to forget about your loved ones and all that they do for us, when we're struggling the way we sometimes do. When I was struggling or in pain or suffering from very low self-esteem and embarrassment it was easy to lash out. I remembered doing it, but I never recognized it as being an issue until it was too late and my wife wanted a divorce. Hopefully my book and web site wiwas whatll help others though awareness, recognize the damaging "poor me attitude" behaviors that are so controlling, selfish and often downright mean. Can you imagine being that way to someone you love?
Well, that Was Me. I'm so blessed to be married again to the most wonderful woman. I'll never be mean and ugly again. So, what has changed?
After writing my book, rewriting, editing and re-editing, I really can't slip up and if I do, one must remember that my new wife has read the book as well and she can point out which pages need to be revisited, smile.

Thank you so much and God bless,

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