Monday, February 22, 2010

Life Ibnterrupted, It's Not All about Me continues to interest readers around the world.

Best selling author, Dr. Beth Erickson says:

"Recently, I interviewed Chris Tatevosian on my radio show, "Relationships 101" on He gave an excellent interview about how his degenerative illness (Multiple Sclerosis) has impacted himself and his marriages. Too often, the impact of a chronic physical condition is discussed only from the patient's vantage point. However, Chris is willing and able to share with listeners the mistakes he made in his first marriage when he overlooked his wife's needs and feelings, focusing only on his own. His candor and willingness to be vulnerable so that others can learn from his mistakes is inspirational and educational. His heart is as big as the sky, and that comes through and carries the day for his entire life now. Although he is legally blind and lives in a wheel chair, it could be said that his mantra is, 'It could be so much worse.' He is a wonderful guest for any media who are willing to look at serious topics such as managing a life-threatening illness with grace." I recommend visiting Chris' site: of I know you will enjoy.

Dr. Beth Erickson

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